Bookshops for typography

This is a list of bookshops which have reasonable typography sections, or who specialise in fine printing or typography. The comments and recommendations are mainly from people who suggested the bookshops on the net; their names are shown at the end of the comment.

The references on this page have mainly been gathered off the newsgroup comp.fonts; thanks are due to all of the people who posted their recommended shop lists.


Maggs, 50 Berkeley Square, London W1X 6EL
The Queen buys rare books and manuscripts here, you may feel too humble to enter. But they have a good selection of typography books at realistic prices. - Tim Rylance <>
Bertram Rota, 9-11 Langley Court, Covent Garden, London WC2E 9RX
Mainly modern first editions downstairs, the private press and typography books are upstairs and you have to ask to be allowed to see them. - Tim Rylance <>
Deighton Bell, Trinity Street, Cambridge
Sadly, the stock here seems to be smaller each time I visit. - Tim Rylance <>
Blackwells Rare Books, 38 Holywell Street, Oxford OX1 3SW
A good selection here, well worth a visit. There are also several more specialist dealers around Oxford who can be visited by appointment. They also have a WWW page. - Tim Rylance <>
Foyles, 119-125 Charing Cross Rd., London WC2
The biggest - has practically every English book in print. - Erik Wendelboe <>
Dillon's, 82 Gower St., London WC1
Large academic and general stock including science and language. Some antiquarian and second-hand books. - Erik Wendelboe <>
Zwemmers, Charing Cross Road, London
They have several shelves of (new) type books including foreign imports. Zwemmers have several shops in this area, this is the one on a street corner that sells film books. - Tim Rylance <>
Shipleys, Charing Cross Road, London
The type books are through a doorway at the back. - Tim Rylance <>
British Library bookstall, British Museum, London
Not the main bookstall on the left of the entrance, the BL bookstall is on the right on the way to the Department of Printed Books, which usually has something worth seeing on display (they have some wonderful French Art Deco bindings). - Tim Rylance <>
Ballantyne & Date, in Museum Street opposite the BM
Good for Bawden/Ravilious/Curwen Press stuff. They usually have Ravilious china on sale at frightening prices. - Tim Rylance <>
Ulysses, Museum Street, London
Sometimes have interesting stuff, albeit at high prices. - Tim Rylance <>
Falkiner Fine Papers, Southampton Row, London
- Tim Rylance <>
Sotherans, Sackville Street, London
Usually have a few type books. - Tim Rylance <>


Rulon-Miller Books, 400 Summit Avenue, Saint Paul Minnesota 55102-2662, USA
A pretty good collection, and if you're at all interested in type, there's a good chance you'll find something. I don't think it's particularly low-priced, mind. Ruon-Miller books also do catalogues of dictionaries, books on language and grammar, and general antiquarian books. - Liam Quin <>

Book dealers for fine print

This is a list of book dealers who do not operate through shops, specialising in fine printing or typography. Most of them will send catalogues if asked.


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