Cross-country Skiing

I started cross-country skiing in the winter of 1999-2000. I'd wanted to learn to ski when I moved to the USA in late 1996, but that winter I blew out my ACL. The next winter I was laid up having an operation to fix it, and the winter after that I was rather preoccupied with moving from San Francisco to Seattle. Finally, I bought some cheap second-hand cross-country skiing equipment at a garage sale, read a book, and headed for the hills. Cross-country skiing has turned out to be excellent aerobic exercise, and great for getting to more remote spots; I'm looking forward to being good enough to do some backpacking trips on skis. I did have one nasty accident, trying to improve my turns on the downhill slopes at Snoqualmie.

[Nick shows off his skiing] Nick shows off his skiing (16K JPEG).

[Ivonne starts a corner] Ivonne tries to turn... (19K JPEG).

[Ivonne finishes on the ground] ...and ends up showing off as a contortionist (35K JPEG).

[Snow angels with skis] This is what happens when you ski into a snow drift too fast. Photo copyright Ivonne, 2001 (60K JPEG).

I've been telemark skiing since the winter of 2000-2001, and rarely use my old cross-country gear any more.

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