DVIShow - show contents of a DVI file


dvishow [-v] [-q] [-d detail] [-h] [-p] [-f] [-s] [-o] [-a] [in.dvi]...


DVIshow shows what the contents of a DVI file are.

The -d option selects a detail level; the normal level is 0, a detail level of 1 prints a bit more information, and a detail level of 2 prints more information than is useful (probably!).

The options -h, -p, -f, -s, and -o indicate whether information should be printed about the header, pages, fonts, specials, and opcodes in the DVI files. The -a option turns on all of these options.

If no input file is specified on the command line, the input is read from the standard input.


All information in a DVI file can be dumped with the command:
dvishow -d 2 -a input.dvi

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