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Outdoor Archery Season, 1992

[Master Bowman award] A season that didn't live up to the promise of the previous one. Despite a new personal best Fita at the York Grand Prix, I consistently didn't shoot very well. I just managed to make the British Rankings, ending up 18th. I shot in the Scottish team twice, both times undistinguished.


See the key for an explanation of the columns:

Fita average

There were one 1000 Fita, fifteen 1100 Fitas, and four 1200 Fitas this year:
 Dist	 Hits  Golds    Score   Low  High  S. Dev. Num
  90m   35.48   2.43   252.39   220   283  16.1292  23
  70m   36.00   5.35   291.74   265   311   9.3818  23
  50m   36.00   6.19   295.62   263   317  13.2395  21
  30m   36.00  15.50   332.15   315   342   5.9437  20
  All  143.45  29.90  1175.55  1098  1242  30.5016  20

York average

The four Yorks show this year were evenly divided between 900s and 1000s.
 Dist	 Hits  Golds    Score   Low  High  S. Dev. Num
 100y   71.75  18.00   457.75   407   502  34.1055   4
  80y   48.00  23.00   361.50   338   388  19.0984   4
  60y   23.75  15.00   192.75   190   199   3.6997   4
  All  143.50  56.00  1012.00   956  1082  47.9375   4

Fita equivalent average

 Dist	 Hits    Score   Low  High  S. Dev. Num
  All  143.46  1170.67  1098  1242  33.9689  24


Builth Wells Fita Star, 4th-5th April
[WAF 1150 Shield] Lady Paramount's Prize. A bitterly cold weekend; the ground froze under my tent and I hardly slept all night. I did get my 1150 Welsh Feather.
Northern Counties Archery Society Fita Star, 9th-10th May
90m distance award. So close, but yet... I'll remember this one for a long time; I was leading Steve Hallard (Britain's top recurve archer) after two dozen at 90m. I then shot a 6-gold end, which got a silver collection (an old custom in British Archery), but unfortunately crashed out on the last end. At least the silver collection paid for a few beers.
Ayr Rose Status York, 17th May
[900 Rose] This was one of the first Rose status Yorks, and I was keen to get an 1100 Rose. Unfortunately, I shot dreadfully, even missing one shot at 60 yards (21 of the 24 shots went in the gold, so it might have been a good distance otherwise). I got a 900 Rose anyway.
Northern Area Fita Star, 16th-19th July
Scottish Championships, 1st-2nd August
Evesham Fita Star, 29th-31st August
30m distance award. A rotten weekend; I damaged the car on the way to the shoot, and it was blowing gales and rainy all weekend. The award was won on the first day. For the second day (a Grand Fita), I removed all of the sights and stabilisers and shot barebow. Surprisingly, I led the competition until half way shooting like this, probably because I couldn't have cared less where the arrows went.

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