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Outdoor Archery Season, 1991

A good season, starting very well but not continuing to the same level. I had managed to scrape into the Scottish Squad on the previous year's performance, and had training over the winter at the squad and with the squad coaches in the Netherlands, Hans Blüm and Harri Jacobs. I shot too many competitions this year, competing nearly every weekend from May until September.

This was also the year in which I went South for the first time and found out to my chagrin that even though I was number one in Scotland, the standard of shooting in England was much higher. I did, however get my name equal top of the leader board at the British Championships, for a short while.

[Master Bowman award] I also managed to achieve Master Bowman status for the first time. I actually achieved the score levels for Grand Master Bowman, but one of the scores (my first 1200 Fita) was not in a record status event and so did count.


See the key for an explanation of the columns:

Fita average

In my first year over 1200, I shot six 1200 Fitas, fifteen 1100 Fitas, and one 1000 Fita:
 Dist	 Hits  Golds    Score   Low  High  S. Dev. Num
  90m   35.79   3.25   262.08   230   286  16.5628  24
  70m   35.96   6.39   296.48   257   322  14.2916  23
  50m   35.95   5.32   291.68   268   312  10.1685  22
  30m   36.00  12.86   328.68   310   340   6.9110  22
  All  143.68  27.18  1180.41  1086  1229  34.3732  22

York average

Only one 900 York, and seven 1000 Yorks made up this season's total.
 Dist	 Hits  Golds    Score   Low  High  S. Dev. Num
 100y   71.38  17.13   464.50   399   502  30.4713   8
  80y   48.00  20.13   354.75   314   380  19.2077   8
  60y   24.00  17.13   200.50   192   208   4.7697   8
  All  143.38  54.38  1019.75   905  1064  48.4013   8

Fita equivalent average

 Dist	 Hits    Score   Low  High  S. Dev. Num
  All  143.63  1171.09  1058  1229  37.5736  32


Scottish Universities Sports Federation Outdoor Championships, 20th April
First, and first team.
Kate Kennedy Silver Arrow, 21st April
First, and the Jonathon Millwater trophy for the best student. The silver arrow is a nice trophy.
Ayr Open Fita, 28th April
First. My first 1200 Fita, this was unfortunately a substitute shoot for the Falkirk tournament, which was flooded off, so it didn't have record status, Star status, or even Thistle status.
Banchory Open York, 5th May
First. Not a wonderful score, but everyone else was worse...
Balbardie Open York, 12th May
First, this was shot in foul weather conditions, a real gale blowing across the field.
Ayr Open York, 19th May
West of Scotland Open Fita, 26th May
First. This was a surprise, since I really didn't shoot very well.
Euronations Open Fita, 1st-2nd June
[NIAS 1150 Shield] Second, at my first international! The weather was dreadful, cold and very windy. I also picked up a NIAS (Northern Ireland Archery Society) 1150 Fita Shield.
Eastern Area Fita, 9th June
First. Another case of shooting poorly, but not as bad as the rest.
Clondalkin Double Fita Star, 15th-16th June
[1200 Star] First, and I finally got my 1200 Fita Star, at an international match. I'd recommend Dublin to anyone (for the Guinness, of course!).
Northern Area Championships, 30th June
Clan Donald Tournament, 2nd-5th July
[1200 Thistle] First in Fita and overall Fita, third in the Field tournament. I also got my 1200 Fita Thistle.
Northern Area Fita Star, 13th-14th July
Second. I think I'd been trying too hard by this time.
Scottish Championships, 3rd-4th August
Second, as the favourite for this event, I wanted to win it too much, and didn't shoot to the best of my ability.
Northern Counties Archery Society Fita Star, 24th-25th August
Second, in another weekend of foul weather.
Scottish Archery Association Fita Star, 7th-8th August
[Six Gold Award] Second, and highest native Scot. The trophy for the latter award is a hideous carved wooden archer, generally known as `Ugh!'. It can be seen in the following photograph of my trophies up to 1991. I think this is the competition at which I got my Six Gold award.

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