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Indoor Archery Season, 1998-1999

I didn't shooting many tournaments this indoor season. I had several trips to Seattle, finally relocating near the end of the season.
Sacramento (Double Fita 18m), 15th November
An informal competition to start the year, and I shot surprisingly well, considering that it was the first time I had picked up the bow for a month and a half.
California State Indoor Championships (Double Fita 18m), 9th-10th January
A small change to my pre-draw improved and stabilised my indoor scores, getting a new competition best for the first Fita 18m round. The second round of the double Fita 18m was very similar, but didn't have any 30 ends, and a loss of concentration on the last end dropped it below the first round score. I probably placed second at this tournament, improving on the previous year's place.

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