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Indoor Archery Season, 1997-1998

This indoor season is not one that I am taking seriously. I'm working on basic fitness, losing excess weight, and preparation for the outdoor season. A major knee operation in mid-January affected my practice schedule, mobility and stability, recuperating from that will take some time and effort.
Sacramento (Double Fita 18m), 14th December
An informal competition to start the year. I'm not trying too hard at the indoor competitions this year, just working on fitness, so the results were below average.
California State Indoor Championships (Double Fita 18m), 10th-11th January 1998
Third place. I set a personal best for the Bray 1 round (half Fita 18m). This was a very good result, considering that I hurt my bow-hand in a mountain-bike crash the week before, and hadn't been able to shoot. I also hadn't been practicing much for several months, and had changed the button position without a chance to re-tune the bow. An increased level of basic fitness is probably the major factor in making this result better than expected.
U.S. National Indoor Championships (Double Fita 18m), 28th February-1st March 1998
Twelfth (Western Region). My first day's score was reasonable, given that I had only shot once in the previous five weeks since my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) reconstruction operation in January. Unfortunately my second day's score was poor, dragging the total down.

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