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Indoor Archery Season, 1996-1997

Green Dragon John Sansom Memorial Shoot, 10th November
First team. I was quite pleased with this result, I shot reasonably well despite not being fully fit, having changed my grip and arrow length two weeks before and not having time to re-tune properly or to practice because of a business trip the week before the competition.
Sacramento (Double Fita 18m) , 15th December
First. An informal competition, but I shot quite well nonetheless, equalling my personal best for a Fita 18m in one round and shooting one point less in the second round.
California State Indoor Championships (Double Fita 18m), 18th-19th January 1997
Position unknown. Not a good weekend for me; the bow was badly tuned (probably due to shooting a field round in the wet and not removing and cleaning everthing afterwards). I was also suffering from a lack of sleep, lack of practice, and a damaged knee (a torn anterior cruciate ligament, which will require a long rehabilitation time).

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