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Indoor Archery Season, 1994-1995

This was my most consistent indoor season so far. I spent a lot of time shooting at very short range on blank bosses, working on my form.
Clophill 17th Open Portsmouth, 11th December
Second in both single and double Portsmouth rounds. This would have been a Scottish Record for the double round (which wasn't hard, because nobody had claimed a record for it before), but I didn't claim it.
Hawks Open Portsmouth, 15th January
Session first and first overall.
Hertfordshire County Championships, 12th February
Second visitor. Surprising that I won anything, since this was my worst score of the indoor season.
Clophill Open Portsmouth, 12th March
Session first and third equal overall in the single round, second in the double round. Not a bad result, considering that the Australian team turned up to practice for the World Indoor. The double round result was frustrating, because I had the same score as the winner and one less 10 (because I shot less 8's!). Still, it was another Scottish Record for the double round, beating my earlier attempt.
Braintree Open Stafford, 2nd April
Third overall, which again wasn't too bad a result considering that I broke up and shifted five tons of concrete in the garden the day before. It's hardly the best preparation for an archery tournament! Oh, and it was another Scottish Record, but since nobody had claimed one since 1982 it's not too great an achievement.

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