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Indoor Archery Season, 1990-1991

A season which took the University team over to Belgium for the European Universities' Championships. I got invited over to the Netherlands to train with Hans Blüm and Harri Jacobs, and got to shoot with some great archers, like Erwin Verstegen, who was sadly killed in a road accident in 1995, and Tiny Reniers. They have some very good archery clubs there, including one where you shoot out of a window, at targets mounted on rails outside. I am shooting there (behind Erwin) in this photo. The box at the right controls the electric motors which bring the targets forward, so that the arrows can be removed.
European Universities' Championships, 16th-17th February
Second team. A personally poor performance, in which I missed an arrow, dropping me from a potential fifth place to about 10th in the qualifiers. I made the quarter-finals of the head-to-head, only to be knocked out by the eventual second place winner, a Spaniard whose name escapes me at the moment. The team performance was virtually a duplicate of the British Universities' championships, with Cambridge, Edinburgh and Southampton taking the first three places. Here's a photo of the team event, and one of the other team members, Emma Eadie and Nick Lowry, in a typical pose.
Scottish Universities' Sports Federation Indoor Championships, 2nd March
Second, and first team.
British Universities' Sports Federation Indoor Championships, 9th March
First team. Revenge at last on Cambridge for being beaten at the European Universities' Championships.

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