Archery Patents

This page came about through my discovery of a search engine for the U.S. patent office, and shortly thereafter seeing a patent number quoted in some product literature. I thought I would look up the patent and see what was actually claimed. Here are a few of the archery patents which interested me. There are many archery related patents, some of which appear to differ in only minor ways. It appears that the U.S. patent search engine only goes back to 1971 for detailed descriptions:
Allen's compound bow patent
There are no details on the patent search engine, this original patent is U.S. patent no. 3486495, 1969.
Hoyt Syntactic Foam Limbs
These are the limbs that I use on my bow. I would now know what's in them, if I could decipher the legalese!
Spin Wings
There are several similar patents from the late Richard Carella, inventor of Spin Wings, related to fletches. The latest one appears to be for Elite Spin Wings.

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