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Clout Targets shall be arranged in pairs, facing each other, at ranges of one hundred and eighty (9 score) yards for Gentlemen, and one hundred and twenty (6 score) yards for Ladies

If more than one pair of Targets is laid, the clouts shall be no less then 12 (twelve) yards apart when at the same range; or if at different ranges, the "lines" between the edges of each pair of clouts shall be not less then 50 (fifty) yards apart.

The Clout Targets shall be 30" (thirty inches) in diameter, white with a 4" (four inch) diameter black spot at the centre. It shall be supported on the ground stand , so that it is inclined at an angle of some 45 (forty five) degrees to the ground, resting on it at its lowest point.

Successive circles shall be marked or indicated on the ground, at radii of 18" (eighteen inches) and 36" (thirty six inch) intervals unto a maximum of 4 yds. (four yards). The outermost edge of each circle thus drawn shall mark the commencement of the higher scoring zone and the pile of the arrow entering that circle shall be deemed to have scored the higher value.

Scoring shall be thus; a hit or touch of the clout (the arrow remaining in contact) = 6 (six). In the innermost ground zone and it's circle = 5 (five). Thereafter for each successive zone 4,3,2, and 1 for the outer most zone.

Archers shall stand in a line across the target area, level with the clout. If numbers are too great for all to stand in one line, two parties may be formed, shooting alternately from one end, the opposing target area being clear of Archers.
The Round to be shoot shall be the Double Clout Round, that is two rounds in sequence, each of 12 (twelve) ends of 3 (three) arrows.
At Long Bow Society Meetings, the precedence of Awards shall be:

1st - to the Archer who secured the highest Score for the aggregate of the Double Round.

2nd - to the Archer who secured the highest Score for the First Round.

3rd - to the Archer who secured the highest Score for the Second Round.


In the event of a tie, the Award shall go to the Archer who hit most frequently within the target. If there still be a tie, then to the Archer who most frequently hit the clout. If the matter is still not resolved, then they both shall shoot again, until one Archer achieves the better scoring shot, equal number of shoots being made by both.


One-way shooting, shooting six arrow ends

The clout maybe replaced by a 12" (twelve inch) square flag set as close to the ground as practicable to the ground level on a smooth vertical stick. The stick not projecting above the flag. Scores shall be determined according to the distance of the arrows from the flag stick. Within a radii of

                    18 inches -  5 points
                     3 feet   -  4 points 
                     6 feet   -  3 points
                     9 feet   -  2 points
                    12 feet   -  1 point

Arrows which have hit and remain embedded in the Clout shall score 5 provided they are not embedded in a lower scoring ring where upon they score according to the ring in which they are embedded. Where it is not practical to draw lines on the ground , scores shall be determined with a non-stretch cord or tape looped round the centre stick and clearly marked to measure the various radii. The Scorer shall carry the taut cord round at ground level and one assistant at each "colour" shall withdraw and carry all the arrows from the "colour" for which he is responsible. An arrow lying loose on the ground shall be scored in accordance with the position of it's point.

Arrows shall then be placed in distinct groups on or stuck into the ground at the appropriate section of the scoring cord and competitors will call their scores in the usual manner, picking up their arrows as they do so.

A Clout round consists of 36 arrows.

Gentlemen               - 9 score yards 
Ladies                  - 7 score yards 
Junior Gentlemen 
Under 18 years          - 7 score yards 
Under 16 years          - 6 score yards 
Under 14 years          - 5 score yards 
Under 12 years          - 4 score yards 
Junior Ladies 
Under 18 years          - 6 score yards 
Under 16 years          - 5 score yards 
Under 13 years          - 4 score yards

Courtesy of Chris West (

This is an alternate form of the clout, as used by the Society for Creative Anachronism.

First, some history. The clout is, essentially, the job of raining fire down on the enemy, either on the battlefield or in a castle. The clout as shot in the SCA is of the latter type.

The set-up is as follows: the target is centered 100 yards from the firing line. The target consists of a circle of hay bales 30 feet in diameter, two layers solid (like bricklaying) and a third representing crenellations (leave out every other bale). Leave a space on each side to enter and exit the target.

This target represents the top of a castle tower. Any arrow falling within the circle of bales, on top of the front wall, or striking the inside of the back wall scores one (1) point. There are three cardboard cutout representations of soldiers, one in the center of the circle, and two about 4 yards outside of the circle, not exactly at 100 yards from the line (one is farther, one closer by unknown amounts, but roughly 5 yards). Any arrow striking the man in the tower scores 2 points, and the outside men score 3 points per hit (sucker shot!!!). The cutouts will also have weapons and shields, arrows striking here will score 0 (outside) and 1 (inside man).

Each archer shoots 6 arrows, no more, untimed.

Each "man" in the target also holds a pennon for windage. Spotting is not permitted.

The overall scoring of this is, as we shoot it: persons shooting for a particular alliance (it's WAR, OK?) have their points scored for that alliance, and the aggregate score for everyone on each side determines the overall winner.

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