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A list of bowyers in Britain and Ireland who make traditional English archery equipment, and may ship abroad, is available in the information leaflet for the Craft Guild of Traditional Bowyers and Fletchers, which can be reached at the same address as the British Long-Bow Society (Hugh Soar).

The address for the British Long-Bow Society is below, and is also listed in the organizations section of the alt.archery FAQ (arch_orgs.faq).

The British Long-Bow Society
  Hon. Secretary : 
  Mr Fairfield
  73, Fairfax Avenue
  Hull HU5 4QN
  Great Britain

Craft Guild of Traditional Bowyers and Fletchers

29 Batley Court, Oldland, Bristol BS15 5YZ, England. Tel. No.: 0117-9323276.
  29, Batley Court
  Bristol BS 15 5YZ
  Great Britain
  +44 0117-9323276
  H.D. Soar Esq, Clerk to the Guild

This Guild was formed in 1987 with the object of offering archers who shoot in the traditional Longbow, quality products approved by individual members of the British Long-Bow Society, and others.

Each member of the Guild is approved as a craftsman capable of making bows or arrows to the criteria of the B.L.B.S. The Society cannot accept any responsibility, however, for individual commissions; arrangements are strictly between the archers an the Guild Member.

Prices charged will be fair, reflecting the current "market price". Most Guild Members' include guarantees in their business arrangements; archers satisfy themselves on this aspect at the time of ordering. Many Members have full order books, and inclusion here is no guarantee of acceptance of a commission

The British Long-Bow Society, does not, however, accept any responsibility for individual commissions. Arrangements are strictly between the archer and the Guild member. Prices charged will be fair, and will reflect the market price obtaining at the time.

Most Craft Guild members embody a form of guarantee within their business arrangements; archers are advised to satisfy themselves in this aspect at the time of commissioning their bow and/or arrows.

Many Guild members have full order books, and inclusion in this list is no guarantee of acceptance of a commission. Any problem may however be referred to the Clerk for advice.

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