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Last-modified: 9 May 1995
Written by: Jack Kelly <>


ASA 1995 Rules

  1. All shooters must wear collared shirts (NO EXCEPTIONS) and NO cut off jeans.
  2. Absolutely no time changes or class changes at the tournament site.
  3. Any participant who is late or does not start with the assigned group at the correct target will not be allowed to shoot.
  4. Shooters MUST be on their assigned target 15 minutes before shotgun start. No spectators allowed on range until after shotgun start.
  5. NO talking to spectators or other groups while shooting!
  6. Sight type and or release type are determining factors for classes.
  7. Score cards (2 per shooter) must be turned in to the range officials BEFORE they leave the range. The cards must be signed as correct by the scorekeeper and the archer. If scorecards don't match the lower score will be taken. NO EXCEPTIONS!!
  8. No rangefinding devices will be allowed. No additional equipment can be added to be used as a rangefinding device.
  9. No alcoholic beverages may be carried on or consumed on the tournament grounds.
  10. Binoculars will be allowed, but may be checked by a range official for marks at any time.(they do check) After the shot no archer may glass the target while he/she remains on the stake.
  11. Littering the grounds will not be tolerated!! Anyone littering will be disqualified from the tournament.
  12. Any grievance must be registered with the director in writing, along with $50 protest fee. All decisions of the protest committee will be final
  13. All winners and/or anyone protested will be subject to a polygraph test.
  14. No cameras allowed on ranges until Sunday. (except the working press)
  15. All shooters must attend the safety meeting to be held one hour before start time on your first day. Practice ranges will be closed durring this meeting.

Shooting Rules

  2. After the 3 1/2 hours you may complete the target being shot then your done.
  3. In the event of severe or threatening weather or any other extenualing circumstances a delay maybe called.
  4. All targets will be McKenzie 3-D's at 45 yards or less, but unmeasured.
  5. Archers will shoot in groups of not less than 3 to turn in an official score. Shooter must touch stake with ome part of their body during the shot.
  6. One arrow per target will be shot from a stake.
  7. No archer may practice on any target on a range to be used for tournament shooting. Special practice targets will be supplied. No other targets may for practice except those supplied.
  8. One group shall not hold up the following groups while looking for lost arrows. Enough arrows should be carried so that each archer may continue shooting.
  9. An archer leaving the range for any rason other than equipment failure, must be approved by an ASA official and may be privileged to return to his group and complete the unfinished round. Archer must check out and in with a ASA range official with a maximum 15 minute time limit.
  10. Equipment failure must be VISIBLE to a tournament official. The archer will have up to 45 minutes for equipment replacement or repair. Time starts when you are picked up. In the presence of the tournament official the archer will shoot targets missed. This occurrence of repair or replacement may not happen ore than once in the tournament.
  11. No archer may shoot (compete) in more than one class.
  12. MAXIMUM arrow speed of 280 feet per second with a 3% margin of error(288fps) Any arrow shot through any chronograph after any tournament round which exceeds 288 feet per second will result in immediate disqualification.
  13. There will be an on deck station provided 3 feet behind each shooting stake This must be used for judging yardage prior to the shot and glassing the target before and after the shot.

Scoring Rules

  1. ALL arrows must remain in the target until all arrows are scored. The arrow shaft must TOUCH the line to be scored the higher value. The status of any doubtful arrows Must be determined before drawing any arrow from the target and such arrows may not be touched until a judgement has been made. All members of the group must agree on scores before any arrows are removed, Except when an archer is physically unable to go to the target. ASA officials will not make any arrow calls. Groups will be responsible for calling their own arrows!
  2. Arrows passing through the face, but still in the targe, must be pushed back and scored..
  4. Score 12, 10, 8, 5, X= miss, pass thru, glance-off or bounce out.
  5. A dropped arrow is one which falls while being transferred from the quiver to be nocked on the string, in preparation for a shot, or which falls from the string during a controlled letdown. A dropped arrow may be re-shot. A CONTROLLED LETDOWN must be verbally announced prior to the letdown!! When a shooter verbally announces a controlled letdown prior to the shot and the string releases the arrow, that arrow can be reshot.
  6. All scoring ties will be broken by the number of 12 rings, except for 1st place it will shot off.

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