I am currently shooting a Hoyt Radian bow with 36lb Win & Win XQ-1 limbs, and a built up high grip. My backup bow is also a Hoyt Radian, but with 40lb Hoyt Carbon Syntactic Foam limbs for practice. I have reduced weight recently because of persistent shoulder problems. If the XQ-1 limbs work out well, I will replace the Hoyt limbs with another pair of 36lb limbs.

My arrows are currently Easton A/C/E 570 at 29.75 inches total length, fitted with 100 grain break-off points, Beiter in-out nocks, and 1.75 inch Quicks RiteFlite vanes. I have tried many arrow, nock and fletch combinations, including A/C/E 470s, X10s, Spin Wings, G-nocks and A/C/E pin nocks.

I am currently using a 26 inch Easton A/C/E UHR long rod (cut down from a 29 inch rod) on an AGF T-Bar (V-bar/extender combination), with two 10 inch A/C/E SS short rods. I have Jim Buchanan's ``Gizmo'' doinkers on the twins, and some small extra weights of my own construction. My back-up bow has an Easton X10 VRS stabiliser on a Carbofast SD 425 hydraulic extender and single back weight. I had shot with straight rods and back weights for quite a few years, returning to a V-bar only recently.

My sight is an AGF Safari sight, with a large open sight ring. I use slightly modified Spigarelli Magnetico magnetic arrow rests on both bows, Beiter buttons, and Beiter clickers.

My strings are 18 strand FastFlite continuous loop, served with FastFlite serving. I am now using Beiter nocking points; in the past I have used masking tape soaked in superglue to make nocking points, because it is hard-wearing, easy and fast to put on, and can be removed with a razor blade easily. It is not as precise a fit as the Beiter nocking points, which is why I switched to them.

My quivers are made by Arrowhead UK, in Scottish team colours. My tabs and slings are home-made. The tab is an aluminium platform tab, which curves around top and third fingers to hold it on; there is no finger separator. The tab face is a single thick layer of archide leather. The sling is polyester cord with a dog-clip on it (I used the same cord to make an elbow sling for reversals).

I also have an Arten bowstand, a Hoyt bow bag, and a home-made box with loads of other old and useless equipment.

I don't have a picture of my current bow in its own, but here's one of a previous bow, a Portland 2000, while I was respraying it.

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