Fita Stars

FITA, The Federation International de Tir l'Arc, gives out star awards for achievement in shooting the Fita round. The Fita round consists of 36 arrows at each of 90m, 70m, 50m, and 30m for men, or 70m, 60m, 50m, and 30m for women. The longer two distances are shot at 122cm targets scoring 10, 9, 8, down to 1 in even sized zones. The shorter two distances are shot on an 80cm target, scored the same way. Compound bows use a special inner ten ring half the radius of the Olympic bow ten ring.

Star status is granted to some competitions, and should ensure consistency of judging, application of the rules, and field layout. Archers scoring more than certain score levels can apply for a ``star'' badge.

1000 Fita Star

[1000 Fita Star] The 1000 star is well within the ability of just about every archer, and is usually the first goal of target archers when they start competing. I got my 1000 star in my first serious season of competitive shooting, in 1990.

Typical distance scores to achieve 1000 are 200 for 90m/70m, 250 for 70m/60m, 250 for 50m, and 300 for 30m.

1100 Fita Star

[1200 Fita Star] The 1100 star is a harder goal for many archers. More dedication and work is required than for the 1000 star, but the 1100 should be achievable by most archers. I got my 1100 star in my first serious season of competitive shooting, in 1990.

Typical distance scores to achieve 1100 are 230 for 90m/70m, 275 for 70m/60m, 275 for 50m, and 320 for 30m.

1200 Fita Star

[1200 Fita Star] The 1200 star is what most archers can aspire to, with dedication and work. I've actually got two 1200 Stars: my first 1200 Star was in Dublin in 1991, and I claimed it at that time. I hadn't received it several months later, so I claimed another one in Britain. I was finally given the one I won in Dublin a year later, when the Irish team visited Scotland for the Euronations tournament.

Typical distance scores to achieve 1200 are 270 for 90m/70m, 300 for 70m/60m, 300 for 50m, and 330 for 30m.

1300 Fita Star

I don't have a picture of this star, because I haven't got one yet :-(. This is the score level where archers start to be able to win international competitions.

Typical distance scores to achieve 1300 are 300 for 90m/70m, 325 for 70m/60m, 325 for 50m, and 350 for 30m.

1350 Fita Star

Why not a gold 1400 star? I don't know, but Fita decided to award a gold 1350 star instead, possibly since no recurves have broken 1400 yet (the compounds have, I don't know what they do for 1400). This star is for the elite few, only a handful of people in the world have broken 1350. I haven't got one of these either!

I'll let you know what typical distance scores to achieve 1350 are when I've done it.

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