Six Gold Award

[Six Gold Badge] Great Britain's Grand National Archery Society (GNAS), gives out an award called the Six Gold award. The achieve this, an archer must shoot one complete end of six arrows in the gold (9 on a York/Hereford, 9 or 10 on a Fita), at either of the longer distances (100 yards/80 yards for a York, 80 yards/60 yards on a Hereford, 90m/70m for a Gent's Fita, 70m/60m for a Ladies Fita).

I think I got my six gold award at the end of 1991. I had failing to get it earlier in the year; I shot five arrows in the gold, got very nervous, and was timed off the line on my last arrow. This was the only time I have been timed off the line, I have made sure not to make that mistake again. I had another six-gold end which I especially remember, at the Northern Counties Fita Star in 1992, because it earned me a silver collection.

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