Archery Stars

A while ago, someone on the newsgroup asked where they could find photographs of some of the stars of the archery world. Here's my small contribution to that list, some figures from the world of target archery. Except where specified, these photographs are copyright (C) Angus Duggan, 1990-1998.

[Jay Barrs] Jay Barrs, 1988 Olympic Gold Medalist, also a World Target Champion and several times World Field Champion (21K JPEG).

[Cal Cup Line] The start of the gent's line at the California Cup, in Sacramento, April 1996. From the left are former world champion and 1974 Olympic gold medalist John Williams, Brooks Matsuda, 1996 Olympic Team Gold Medalist Richard (Butch) Johnson, 1996 Individual and Team Olympic Gold Medalist Justin Huish, and George Tekmitchov from Easton (81K JPEG).

[Ed Eliason] Ed Eliason after a match against Doug Gustavsen in the 1998 California Cup (29K JPEG).

[Michele Frangilli] Michele Frangilli, former world record holder with my room-mate Stephanie Terrin at the 1997 U.S. Nationals (44K JPEG).

[Mike Gerard] Mike Gerard (ex-Hoyt) has a snack (24K JPEG).

[Martinus Grov] A contemplative Martinus Grov of Norway (21K JPEG).

[Huish vs Williams] Justin Huish against John Williams in the 1996 California Cup (37K JPEG).

[Lonng King] Lonny King in the shoot-off rounds of the 1996 California Cup (26K JPEG).

[Butch Johnson] Butch Johnson waiting his turn at the 1998 Arizona Cup. Butch shot a 117 pass to win the tournament. (16K JPEG).

[Rick McKinney] Rick McKinney, twice Olympic silver medalist and three times World Champion, shows off his new arrows (29K JPEG).

[Natalia Nazaridze] Natalia Nazaridze of Turkey after winning the 1998 Arizona Cup (34K JPEG).

[Joanna Nowicka] Joanna Nowicka of Poland with me at the 1997 U.S. Nationals, shortly before she came third in the World Championships (25K JPEG).

[Denise Parker] Denise Parker, twice U.S. Olympian (25K JPEG).

[Don Rabska] Don Rabska of Easton, one of the most knowledgable archery experts in the world, and Geena Davis (41K JPEG).

[Tiny Reniers] One of the nicest people in archery, Tiny Reniers, at a tournament in 1992 (27K JPEG).

[George Tekmitchov] George Tekmitchov, 1996 U.S. Team and one of the brains behind Easton's composite arrows and stabilisers (34K JPEG).

[Erwin Verstegen] The late Erwin Verstegen from the Netherlands shooting at the Happy Ends tournament in 1990 (26K JPEG).

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