Mountain Biking

[Rockhopper] I bought my first mountain bike when I arrived in San Francisco, partly to have a way of getting around, and partly because I had been mountain biking with my friend Nick in Sweden the year before, and enjoyed it (despite the rain and mud). My bike is a Specialized Rockhopper FS Comp 1996. I've been biking a bit in the Bay Area, and the Seattle Area with it. I've just started upgrading components on it as they begin to wear out, and as I get more experience of what I want.

[Nick takes in the view] Here's a good reason to go mountain biking. Nick takes in the view from the top of a trail (36K JPEG).

[Nick covered in mud] Here's another good reason. Nick covered in mud but with a huge grin, having just come down a long, fast, muddy downhill (47K JPEG).

[Myself covered in mud] Myself after the same trail (38K JPEG).

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