OK, I know many of you've done it too, but I promised some friends that I'd make these photos available for them to see. They're from my last graduation, and are mainly to show off my new kilt. The tartan is Old Hunting Macrae, in ancient colours. It's as near as I get to a family tartan; I would have preferred to use Lennox (I was born in the district of Lennox), but the colours clash with red hair. The photos are copyright (C) M. M. Duggan, 1995.

The first one is of me in my kilt and graduation robes, in George Square, Edinburgh, after the ceremony (19K JPEG).

Here's where I took my parents and a friend out to dinner; it's Graywalls Hotel in Gullane. The hotel has a lovely garden, designed by Gertrude Jeykll early this century, and serves delicious food. The drawback is that it is right beside Muirfield golf course, so the lounge was full of golf bores (40K JPEG).

This one is of me in my kilt, beside my father, in the garden at Graywalls. As you can see, I am partaking of one of my other hobbies (28K JPEG).

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